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Monthly Mysore

Sign up for ongoing Mysore classes at Sattva Yoga in downtown Lynchburg, or join online via Zoom from anywhere in the world! 

Mysore style is the traditional and correct way to learn and practice Ashtanga Yoga. Leilah has years of experience teaching both in the shala and online. 


Online students will feel *just* like you are in our beautiful studio with us and will appreciate the energy of the sangha.

$1oo/month - ongoing membership

$140/mo - single month

$20 Drop-In

*Students and others  may request discounted pricing.

A 1-month minimum commitment is requested.

BOMBSHELL! Transformation Program

The BOMBSHELL! program is designed to facilitate your transformation into even more of a knockout than you already are!


When you sign up for this monthly program we'll establish an ongoing coaching relationship that provides guidance, instruction, and accountability to propel you rapidly towards your strength and physique goals. 

This package includes twice-weekly private training sessions with Leilah, done in person at Shakti Studios or online. You'll receive an individualized program of 4-5 clearly detailed training days per week that is tailored just for you. 

In addition to 2 personal training sessions with Leilah per week,  you'll gain access to a video movement library clearly explaining and demonstrating each exercise. The program also includes a weekly coaching call during which we can track your progress, address any questions or difficulties, and make sure to keep you on the track to success.

If desired, BOMBSHELL! participants will also receive macro-planning guidance and nutritional coaching to assist with reaching body-recomposition, fat-loss, and physique goals.


1 Private Yoga, 

Personal Training, or Nutrition Coaching Session

This offering is for a single private session lasting 60-90 minutes, during which we will address your specific needs and find ways to move you forward in your practice, training, or nutrition. This time is spent on finding solutions, making improvements, overcoming obstacles, and making adjustments to best help you attain your goals.


Monthly Bombshell! Written Program Only

If you want to train on your own but aren't sure of the best program to help you reach your goals, Leilah is happy to help!

This package includes a discovery call during which we will discuss your needs, situations, and goals, and follow-up to ensure that your program is a perfect fit. 

Regardless of what equipment you're working with, be it a full gym, a modest home gym, or almost "nothing" at all- Leilah will help you find a way to train well and maximize your results. 

Ideally, clients will commit to a 3-month program minimum.

1 month $50

3-month $100

10 sessions 

Yoga or Training

Committing to at least 10 sessions is a great way to make significant progress toward achieving your goals. 

Whether you are new to Yoga or Strength Training or are already a seasoned practitioner, the complete attention and personalized guidance of a skilled coach can make a remarkable difference in advancing you along the path to success.

You'll receive 10 private lessons and a personalized program dedicated to helping you reach and even surpass your yoga, strength, or physique goals.

With Leilah you will learn top-notch training techniques, cutting-edge principles for hypertrophy, and improved mobility. You will gain a range of understanding that you can apply to your training for life!



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